First Blog Ever

Hello everyone! I have always been fascinated about cooking and baking ever since I was a little girl. I have grown up in a large family with four sisters and I always took control of the kitchen, so much so that one of my sister’s blames me for preventing them from excelling in their cooking skills!

In my teen years I suffered from anorexia and in that point in my life I was deathly afraid of food, but I loved making food for other people because it made me happy to see them enjoying it, just as long as I wasn’t the one consuming it. I successfully recovered from anorexia and have continued to enjoy making things in the kitchen, the only difference is that I enjoy eating it too!

Presently I have found a love of making gingerbread men! I love the taste and smell of ginger and mixed spice and I absolutely love decorating the little cooked men after they have come out of the oven! They barely manage to hit the plate when my family are around, one sister in particular can’t get enough of them! They really go down a treat. I have made an attempt to make my own blog to share my experiences, recipes and images with everyone, I hope you all enjoy!


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  1. I see Cookie Monster has something in his tummy 🙂

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