Gingerbread Homes

A few Christmases ago I decided to make my first gingerbread house. My cousin used to make gingerbread houses as gifts for everyone, I used to feel so jealous of her skills in baking that I just had to confront this green eyed monster and make one myself.

I followed the steps in preparation but when it came to putting the dough in the oven, I forgot to cut them into the desired shapes so they came out looking like cooked…well…rolled out ginger dough! A word from the wise, don’t attempt to build your own gingerbread house at night when you are tired!

So I had to rinse and repeat the process, second time round I had my gingerbread house pieces. I assembled it successfully then left it for the morning to decorate. I promised my sisters that they could help me with the decorations, if you read my previous blog I get a bit controlling in the kitchen so just couldn’t help myself but to do it without them! My excuse…is that they shouldn’t have slept in.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I messed up the design of the house. The icing for the roof was too runny and merged in with the pebbles, causing their colors to run into the icing. It was just a disaster!

So coming back to the present I attempted to make another gingerbread house and bringing the scars of the past with me, I decided to fix my wrongs and become an improvement in DIY.

The first house was a solo job and the second was with the help of my little sister! (yes, this time I let my sisters help me!).

If you would like to know the recipe feel free to contact me!